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  Maizeing Acres Inc.
Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Converted Price
 2018 Harvest  @C8Z 362'2s Chart
 2019 Harvest  @C9Z 396'2s Chart
 2020 Harvest  @C0Z 412'2s Chart
 2021 Harvest  @C1Z 417'4s Chart

  Maizeing Acres Inc.
Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Converted Price
 2018 Harvest  @S9F 873'6s Chart
 2019 Harvest  @S9X 922'0s Chart
 2020 Harvest  @S0X 957'0s Chart
 2021 Harvest  @S1X 971'4s Chart

  Maizeing Acres Inc.
Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Converted Price
 2018  @W8Z 498'4s Chart
 2019 Harvest SRW  @W9N 522'2s Chart
 2020 Harvest SRW  @W0N 566'2s Chart
 2021 Harvest  @W1N 584'4s Chart

Price as of 11/19/18 06:15PM CST.
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Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 18 364'6 366'2 361'2 362'6 -2'4 362'2s 06:04P Chart for @C8Z
Mar 19 375'4 377'0 372'0 373'6 -2'4 373'2s 05:46P Chart for @C9H
May 19 383'0 384'6 379'6 381'0 -2'4 381'0s 05:28P Chart for @C9K
Jul 19 389'6 391'2 386'4 387'6 -2'2 387'6s 05:27P Chart for @C9N
Sep 19 392'0 393'2 389'6 390'6 -1'2 390'6s 05:29P Chart for @C9U
Dec 19 397'6 399'0 395'2 396'4 -1'6 396'2s 05:21P Chart for @C9Z
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jan 19 892'0 892'2 871'2 874'0 -18'4 873'6s 05:41P Chart for @S9F
Mar 19 905'0 905'4 885'2 887'6 -18'2 887'4s 05:00P Chart for @S9H
May 19 918'0 918'4 898'2 901'0 -18'0 900'6s 04:58P Chart for @S9K
Jul 19 930'2 930'2 910'6 913'2 -17'4 913'0s 03:28P Chart for @S9N
Aug 19 932'2 933'0 916'0 918'0 -17'0 917'6s 01:30P Chart for @S9Q
Sep 19 932'6 932'6 916'2 917'4 -16'2 918'0s 01:30P Chart for @S9U
Nov 19 937'0 937'4 919'4 922'6 -15'2 922'0s 02:32P Chart for @S9X
Jan 20 947'0 947'0 930'6 933'0 -15'0 932'4s 04:58P Chart for @S0F
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 18 506'4 507'2 496'0 498'0 -8'2 498'4s 05:44P Chart for @W8Z
Mar 19 514'6 515'2 503'2 505'6 -8'6 506'4s 05:15P Chart for @W9H
May 19 522'0 522'0 510'6 513'0 -8'6 513'4s 04:45P Chart for @W9K
Jul 19 530'0 530'6 519'6 522'0 -8'4 522'2s 01:20P Chart for @W9N
Sep 19 540'6 540'6 531'6 533'6 -7'4 533'6s 01:30P Chart for @W9U
Dec 19 554'4 555'2 547'2 549'4 -7'0 548'6s 03:55P Chart for @W9Z
Mar 20 564'4 565'6 560'0 560'2 -6'4 561'0s 01:20P Chart for @W0H
May 20 575'4 -6'0 568'6s 01:20P Chart for @W0K
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Nov 18 0.759250 0.759100 0.760300 0.758750 Chart for @CD8X
Dec 18 0.759500 0.759650 0.759300 0.759650 0.000550 0.759100 06:05P Chart for @CD8Z
Jan 19 0.760300 0.760100 0.759350 0.759800 Chart for @CD9F
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DTN Market Matters Blog
Editorial Staff
Monday, November 19, 2018 10:42AM CST
U.S. 2018 fall harvest has been on again, off again this season, because the weather has been extremely uncooperative. This has caused quality and yield loss in both soybeans and corn for farmers.
Friday, November 16, 2018 11:22AM CST
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 9:11AM CST

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Headline News
Trump Pondering 3-5 Cabinet Changes 11/19 06:13
UK PM on Collision Course Over Brexit 11/19 06:20
Trump Won't Listen to Khashoggi Tape 11/19 06:09
Abrams Seen as Voting-Rights Advocate 11/19 06:16
Tijuana Protesters Shout at Migrants 11/19 06:19
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Vietnam, Russia Aim to Triple Trade 11/19 06:15
Stocks Take Sharp Losses Monday 11/19 15:43

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Welcome to 'Space'book
Campbellford Office #: 705-313-2082
Wooler Road Office #: 613-885-6785
Donna: donna@maizeingacresinc.com
cell: 705-930-3488
Pete: pdarcher@xplornet.com cell: 613-391-9218
Monday Hours:
Both locations open until combines shut down tonight.

Breathing in dust from this high DON corn is not good for you. We do have masks available for truckers.
For the latest from Agricorp on the Salvage Benefit for high DON corn, click on "DON UPDATE" on the left side of this page.

Something to keep an eye on is new crop beans. They are now trading premium to old as Hamilton values implode. The market has built a pretty healthy carry, but like the wheat and corn markets keep teaching us over and over again, the carry is likely to go away before we get there. $12 beans are only 50¢ (or 1.4 Trump tweets if this week is a guide) away. Instead of trying to prognosticate the trade war, I think I will just put some orders in and see if we can lock up some profit. 
Corn DON Levels Alert: We are noticing a marked increase in levels during testing procedures. Hot spot areas showing up at Port Hope, South PEC and Napanee. So far we are not implementing a discount schedule but we are going to reject corn >8 ppm. There has been a test as high as 38ppm. It's best not to mix that stuff with good corn and make it all bad if it's going into your own bins. We do believe the mold is still growing in this wet weather and producing toxins. IT NEEDS TO BE HARVESTED ASAP because we currently have no market for > 8ppm. Call if you have questions or bring a corn sample to either location if you would like your grain tested.  There will be a $25 fee for each test.  We will NOT test hand shelled corn.  It must be run though a combine to get meaningful results.  For our feed customers, our composite samples coming off the dryer are still quite low, and we will do what we can to segregate and keep it that way. 

Drying charges are ~$14.50/tonne for 20% corn.  Add ~$1/tonne for each additional point 

We will be looking for some part time truck drivers so if you or someone you know is interested please email or drop off resumes.

We have scheduling for Kawartha corn everyday. Call for fob or delivered bids.

Local Weather

Local Conditions
Campbellford, ON
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: -1oC Feels Like: -1oC
Humid: 87% Dew Pt: -3oC
Barom: 30 Wind Dir: S
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 6 km/h
Sunrise: 7:15 Sunset: 4:42
As reported at PETERBOROUGH, ON at 6:00 PM
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Local Radar
Campbellford, ON
Chg Zip Code: 
Local Temps
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5-day Forecast for Campbellford, ON
Change Zip Code: 
Date Tue
20 Nov
21 Nov
22 Nov
23 Nov
24 Nov
Snow Snow Clear Mostly Cloudy Rain
Weather Snow Snow Clear Mostly Cloudy Rain
L/H (°C)
-5/-2 -12/-3 -17/-8 -12/1 -3/4

L/H (°C)
-9/-3 -19/-9 -24/-13 -17/-3 -8/1
Dew Point
-6 -11 -17 -9 -1
85 70 61 71 89

11 23 10 13 14
67 74 - - 50
S: .6-2.5
L: 0.08
S: .6-2.5
L: 0.15
None None Rain
0.05 0.08 0.05 0.08 0.05
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DTN Weather Summary
Snow Tuesday in Eastern Midwest
Bryce Anderson (Bio) – DTN Meteorologist

Dry conditions were in effect over most major crop areas Monday afternoon. Precipitation was confined to light snow in the Great Lakes, isolated snow showers in the Northern and central Plains, and thundershowers in the southern Delta. Temperatures ranged from the single digits in eastern North Dakota and southern Manitoba to the low 70s in southern Georgia and southern South Carolina. » More DTN Weather Commentary

Posted at 3:17PM Mon Nov 19, 2018 CST


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