Local Cash Bids
  Maizeing Acres Inc.
Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Converted Price
 Maizeing Maximizer  @C8N 364'2s Chart
 2017  @C8H 347'4s Chart
 2018 Harvest  @C8Z 380'0s Chart
 2019 Harvest  @C9Z 404'2s Chart

  Maizeing Acres Inc.
Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Converted Price
 2017  @S8F 967'2s Chart
 2018 Harvest  @S8X 987'6s Chart
 2019 Harvest  @S9X 983'2s Chart
 2020 Harvest  @S0X 981'6s Chart

  Maizeing Acres Inc.
Basis Futures Month Futures Price Cash Price Converted Price
 2017 Harvest SRW  @W8H 418'2s Chart
 2018 Harvest SRW  @W8N 444'0s Chart
 2019 Harvest SRW  @W9N 502'6s Chart
 2020 Harvest SRW  @W0N 534'6s Chart

Price as of 12/16/17 01:09AM CST.
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Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Mar 18 348'6 350'6 346'4 347'2 -1'0 347'4s 12/15 Chart for @C8H
May 18 357'0 359'0 355'0 355'2 -1'0 355'6s 12/15 Chart for @C8K
Jul 18 365'2 367'2 363'2 363'4 -0'6 364'2s 12/15 Chart for @C8N
Sep 18 372'2 374'0 370'4 370'6 -0'6 371'2s 12/15 Chart for @C8U
Dec 18 381'0 382'6 379'2 379'4 -0'6 380'0s 12/15 Chart for @C8Z
Mar 19 390'6 392'4 389'2 389'4 -0'6 389'6s 12/15 Chart for @C9H
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jan 18 968'0 972'2 964'0 968'4 -0'4 967'2s 12/15 Chart for @S8F
Mar 18 978'6 983'2 974'4 979'0 -0'6 978'0s 12/15 Chart for @S8H
May 18 990'4 994'2 985'4 990'0 -0'6 989'0s 12/15 Chart for @S8K
Jul 18 1000'0 1004'2 995'4 1000'0 -0'4 999'0s 12/15 Chart for @S8N
Aug 18 1002'6 1004'4 998'0 1000'0 -0'2 1001'0s 12/15 Chart for @S8Q
Sep 18 993'2 994'6 993'2 994'2 -0'2 993'6s 12/15 Chart for @S8U
Nov 18 988'4 992'4 984'2 988'6 0'2 987'6s 12/15 Chart for @S8X
Jan 19 995'0 996'0 992'2 994'0 0'0 993'4s 12/15 Chart for @S9F
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Mar 18 418'6 421'4 415'0 418'4 0'0 418'2s 12/15 Chart for @W8H
May 18 431'2 433'6 427'4 431'2 0'0 430'6s 12/15 Chart for @W8K
Jul 18 444'0 446'2 440'2 444'2 0'4 444'0s 12/15 Chart for @W8N
Sep 18 458'0 459'0 453'6 457'6 0'2 457'4s 12/15 Chart for @W8U
Dec 18 476'6 477'0 471'6 475'4 -0'2 475'2s 12/15 Chart for @W8Z
Mar 19 490'6 490'6 486'6 486'6 -0'4 489'2s 12/15 Chart for @W9H
May 19 493'6 0'2 498'4s 12/15 Chart for @W9K
Jul 19 502'2 0'0 502'6s 12/15 Chart for @W9N
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Dec 17 0.781250 0.784900 0.775450 0.777200 -0.008150 0.776350s 12/15 Chart for @CD7Z
Jan 18 0.782000 0.785350 0.777100 0.777600 -0.007900 0.777300s 12/15 Chart for @CD8F
Feb 18 0.783400 0.785550 0.776350 0.776350 -0.007900 0.777650s 12/15 Chart for @CD8G
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DTN Market Matters Blog
Editorial Staff
Friday, December 15, 2017 11:07AM CST
The DTN average dried distillers grains price was higher again to $133 per ton for the week ended Dec. 14.
Monday, December 11, 2017 11:14AM CST
Friday, December 8, 2017 2:59PM CST

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Texas Senator Seeks RIN Cap
Higher Funding Needed for Ag
World Fertilizer - 5
Tax Compromise Advancing
Spraying Gets Specific
Land Values - 7
Land Values - 6
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Ag Not Ready for Biodefense

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Rubio a No Vote Over Child Tax Credit 12/15 06:17
WH to Push Merit-Based Immigration 12/15 06:24
Japan Imposes New Sanctions on NKorea 12/15 06:13
Most Believe Trump Obstructing Probe 12/15 06:20
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Inspector General to Probe EPA Response12/15 06:16
Disney Purchase of Fox Brings New Era 12/15 06:19
Stocks Up as Tax Plan Advances 12/15 16:15

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Welcome to 'Space'book
Campbellford Office #: 705-313-2082
Wooler Road Office #: 613-885-6785
Donna: donna@maizeingacresinc.com
cell: 705-930-3488
Pete: pdarcher@xplornet.com cell: 613-391-9218

WEEKEND HOURS: We are planning on closing Friday at 5 due to snow.
If you want to dump over the weekend call ahead.

It is time to start thinking about a plan for next year's corn (and wheat) crops. "Hoping it gets better" is not a great plan. We have about 45¢ of carry from Dec17-Dec18. That term structure is a big declining escalator that rolls down some more every time a delivery month drops off. This has been playing out for some time now and will continue, until something disrupts supply. This type of market favours the forward seller. You might not be excited about where forward bids are today, but those bids are a lot better than spot bids. A good and easy plan to execute is to call up your favourite elevator ( Shameless plug: presumeably the one with the fastest pits and 7 day service so you have a smooth harvest... but I digress) and offer some incremental targets. There seems to be a lot of longing for $200 corn. If that's what you need, putting in some targets at $190/$200/$210 would accomplish the same thing, but if we don't get to $200 at least you are 1/3 sold at a lot higher than today's spot bid. We need to get over the "What if I can't deliver?" fear.  It has cost a lot people a lot of money.  We want to assure you that we are NOT one of the elevators that forces you into physical delivery, or forces you to buy out your contract. We have a commitment that we will roll you into the carry. If you don't understand what that means to your operation, it's time we had a conversation. The new year is a great time to look at a fresh new approach.  So are you interested in a meeting in your area about this?  If you are, contact us.  We will take you right back to the basics to help you develop a more profitable marketing plan for your own farming operation. Understanding how the markets actually work, and what opportunties they provide to you, are important to reducing your stress levels, and to providing you with the best grain prices available.  Give us a call!

Keep an eye on next year's soy prices and run your 5 step plan for perspective. We are at, or very close to, profitable levels. When the cookie plate goes around don't be afraid to take a couple. We have made some good sized soy sales for new crop ourselves. The export demand out the St Lawrence is as poor as we have seen it ... not good for futures if South America churns out another big crop. Time will tell. Sales made at this time last year worked out pretty well.
As a way to avoid corn storage charges that typically eat up all price improvement, use our brand new Maximizer contract. You can price with it pre or post harvest. Consider the quoted price a floor, you will not take lower than that price. Stored corn has downside risk. The Maximizer has upside opportunity. If the market offers you a better price this winter or spring you can take the higher price and get paid that day. It is going to tie up cash on you but so does storage. If you need cash now, you still need to sell the harvest price. On bu you don't need the money on, the Maximizer pays you carry, sets a floor and gives you the chance to sell a better number all the way to June 30. There is no cost associated, you retain ownership of the corn, have a storage receipt and full protection under financial protection program. There is no way I would even consider using open storage this fall. Why pay to take risk on?  More details can be found by clicking on "Maximizer Contract" in the green margin on the left side of this page.

 If you want to defer any income from grain sales into 2018, please contact Donna. 

Our direct ship off farm business continues to grow all the time. Give us a call for competitive bids either delivered to end users or picked up at your farm for all commodities. You support our local drivers and help us build local infrastructure.

Target orders are a great way to market your crops.   Call the office if you have any questions about how they can work for you.

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Local Conditions
Campbellford, ON
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: -6oC Feels Like: -13oC
Humid: 86% Dew Pt: -8oC
Barom: 29.75 Wind Dir: WSW
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 19 km/h
Sunrise: 7:42 Sunset: 4:35
As reported at PETERBOROUGH, ON at 1:00 AM
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Campbellford, ON
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5-day Forecast for Campbellford, ON
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Date Sat
16 Dec
17 Dec
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19 Dec
20 Dec
Snow Partly Cloudy Snow Rain/Snow Mix Snow
Weather Snow Partly Cloudy Snow Rain/Snow Mix Snow
L/H (°C)
-14/-6 -18/-7 -8/3 -1/4 -6/-1

L/H (°C)
-17/-12 -18/-7 -11/0 -8/0 -12/-8
Dew Point
-13 -15 -5 -1 -6
72 76 91 82 76

11 3 8 24 32
60 - 30 78 66
S: 2.5-5
L: 0.13
None S: 2.5-5
L: 0.25
S: <.6
L: 0.25
S: .6-2.5
L: 0.13
0.05 0.03 0.03 0.08 0.08
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DTN Weather Summary
Snow North on Saturday
Bryce Anderson (Bio) – DTN Meteorologist

Snow will again fall in northern areas Saturday, with mostly light accumulation. We'll also see renewed light showers in far southern Texas and dry conditions elsewhere. » More DTN Weather Commentary

Posted at 2:13PM Fri Dec 15, 2017 CST


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